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Welcome to the home of the "World Famous" Hirsch's Ghosttail Fishing Lures!

We just added a catalog to our website. It is our hope that this will make it easier for you to see the wide range of Ghosttail products and decide upon the configuration that best meets your fishing needs.

Our Catalog

Hirsch's Ghosttails has been a family run business for over 30 years. The business started as an alternative to the limited selection of unique and quality buck tails on the market.

When Ghosttails began the color explosion was happening on other lures for other species but not in musky. That is where we used our sense of colors and various combinations to catch the attention of the old and the new generation musky fisherman. We knew that colors were an important part of successful musky fishing and had to sell the fisherman before we could sell the fish.

One of our goals with color combinations was to always keep them on a natural basis. This means to keep the brightest of colors looking as "fishy" as possible. But even through colors attract the fisherman and the fish we knew that if the quality were not there the business would not last (the word spreads very quickly in the musky industry). This is why Ghosttails have always been hand tied and hand assembled. Each and every lure has gone through one of our hands.

We have not changed the way we produce our product because we know it works. Just as the saying goes, "You do not fix something that isn't broken".

We know that it is impossible to please everyone but we do our best. We want people to know that our product is not just a bucktail it's a Ghosttail.

Made In America !!!

Ghosttails Catch Fish

Larry Ramsell - 55" Musky
Ghosttail VI. Black/Back nickel blade

Ghost Tails Custom Limited Edition Spinner Baits

Fred Hirsch, owner of Ghost Tails, has introduced his limited line of custom spinner baits. Using the same color patterns as on the Ghosttail bucktail series Fred is offering 1½ oz. spinner bait.

Due to the large tail colors and blade selections, Fred will only be tying his favorite patterns that have been successful in catching fish.

The baits pictured on the right are two of the colors that are the favorites of local guides on the Chippewa Flowage the past few season. They are Black Perch w/ Green Blades and Brown/Yellow w/ Copper Blades.

The limited edition Ghosttail Spinner Baits will be available in 20 colors

For more information about our new spinner baits please call us at 715-634-1862 Or Email Us