Hirch's Ghosttail Lure Series

Hirsch's Ghosttail I - 100 Series "Original" Bucktails

Fish it from the surface to about 4 feet of water. Speed of retrieve varies on the conditions you are fishing. You will not have to jerk the bait to get it to spin even if you have to slow up. Just start to reel it the way you normally do.

Ghosttail II - 200 Series "Magnum" Bucktails

Ghosttail II is a shallow running bucktail which is evenly balanced and easy to cast. You can fish the magnum Ghosttail at about the same depth as you would a Ghosttail I. Also, as with the 100 series you do not have to jerk the bait to start a new retrieve.

Ghosttail III - 300 Series "Panfish" Bucktails

Ghosttail "Pan" is a weighted buck tail which imitates in most lakes, the predominant food source pan fish (crappie and bluegill). Fish it from 2 to 10 feet. Adjust your speed of retrieve to the depth you are fishing.

Deeper - slower and shallower-faster. Its flashy look stimulates a pan fish in distress. Use it around fallen trees, cribs, isolated weed points, weed beds and wherever pan fish hold. Muskies and Northerns many times will suspend around these areas where the abundant food source is present.

Ghosttail IV - 400 Series "Baby" Bucktails

Fish this small but effective Ghosttail works in 2 to 6 feet of water. Experiment on your speed of retrieve to the conditions you are fishing. Its flashy look also simulates a pan fish in distress. Use it around the same areas as you would a Ghosttail III.

Ghosttail V - 500 Series "The Big One" Bucktails

Ghosttail III and V can be trolled in an easy manner. Of course, number V is excellent on big water, the retrieve is great as is all other Ghosttail sizes.

Ghosttail VI - 600 Series "The Twin Tens" Bucktails

The Ghosttail VI Twin Tens (Double #10 Blades) Made with a unique blend of Bucktail hair and Flashabou. It has been tested all last summer and fall and proven to be a muskie magnet.

Ghosttail VII - 700 Series Bucktails

Just like all other Ghosttails, the "Ghosttails VII" is made by hand. They are tied with a unique combination of hair and Flashabou.  Each one is assembled with solid brass hardware, size 9 Magnum Indiana blades, two 3/0 round bend hooks and .051 stainless wire.

Ghosttail VIII - 800 Series Bucktails

The Ghosttails VIII 800 Series can be used as a burner or for fishing deeper. The blade spins immediately first time every time.

Ghost Tails Custom Limited Edition Spinner Baits

Fred Hirsch, owner of Ghost Tails, has introduced his limited line of custom spinner baits. Using the same color patterns as on the Ghosttail bucktail series Fred is offering 1 oz. spinner bait.

Due to the large tail colors and blade selections, Fred will only be tying his favorite patterns that have been successful in catching fish.

The baits pictured on the right are two of the colors that are the favorites of local guides on the Chippewa Flowage the past few season. They are Black Perch w/ Green Blades and Brown/Yellow w/ Copper Blades.

The limited edition Ghosttail Spinner Baits will be available in 20 colors

For more information about our new spinner baits please call us at 715-634-1862.