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Ghosttail III - 300Series
Ghosttail III is aweighted deep-running bucktail which imitates a panfish in
All Ghosttail III seriesbucktailscomewith a #7FlutedBlade
Weight - 2oz
Length - 7½"
HowToFishing theGhosttail III 300Series
Ghosttail "Pan" is aweighted buck tail which imitates inmost lakes, the predominant food
source pan fish (crappie and bluegill). Fish it from 2 to 10 feet. Adjust your speed of retrieve to
thedepth youare fishing.
Deeper - slower and shallower-faster. Its flashy look stimulates a pan fish in distress. Use it
around fallen trees, cribs, isolatedweed points, weed beds andwherever pan fish hold. Muskies
andNorthernsmany timeswill suspend around these areaswhere the abundant food source is
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